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Horseback Riding

Victory Horse Trail

  • Distance: 7.2 miles

  • Time: 1.5 hours to 3 hours

  • Skill level: intermediate

  • Map: Page 1 of Ozark Trail Association section map

  • Description: Start at either the Victory Schoolhouse Trailhead or the Wrangler Trailhead. The northern portion of the loop follows a segment of the Ozark Trail, Victory Section. Look for wooden signs at the junction to complete the loop. A short spur to the Victory Schoolhouse Trailhead forks just south of where the loop begins. Expect rocks, soil erosion and some short, punchy climbs.

Victory Section of the Ozark Trail.jpg

172 Loop Trail

  • Distance: 10 miles

  • Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes to 4 hours

  • Skill level: intermediate

  • Map: Page 5 of Ozark Trail Association section map

  • Description: Begin this scenic loop trail at the Mark Twain National Forest’s Highway 172 Trailhead just east of US-67. Head south on the Wappapello Section of the Ozark Trail for one mile to the loop trail’s junction. Follow the trail eastbound for about 5 miles until to connects to the University Forest Conservation Area’s Highway W Trailhead. Then, head northwest on the north arm of the loop for another 5 miles or so to join the Wappapello Section of the Ozark Trail again. Follow it south for about 1.75 miles back to the trailhead. Enjoy rolling topography and a true backcountry feel here.

Lake Wappapello Trail

  • Distance: 14.5 miles

  • Time: 3 hours to 6 hours

  • Skill level: intermediate

  • Map: Missouri State Parks map

  • Description: Counter-clockwise travel on the trail is recommended. The trail offers shoreline views, open fields and cherty Ozark hillsides. Trail users can expect to find a host of wildlife viewing opportunities along the varied terrains. The trail leaves park property, crosses other public lands, and connects with other public trails. Please register at the trailhead or park office. Certain portions of the trail are closed to overnight camping and overnight equestrian use in not allowed. The trail shares a trailhead and a section with Asher Creek Trail where it crosses Highway 172 near the park entrance off Lake Wappapello Trail Road.

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