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Partners Come Together for Wolf Creek Trail System Improvements

We had a great volunteer workday at the Wolf Creek Trail System on Saturday, May 8th, 2021. Five Poplar Bluff Trails Coalition volunteers joined five employees from Poplar Bluff Parks and Recreation and one from U.S. Forest Service - Mark Twain National Forest to accomplish a number of important trail and trailhead maintenance tasks. As a group we:

•Brushed back vegetation on the 11-mile Wolf Creek Trail •Installed orange diamond blazes on the Wolf Creek Trail •Picked up 3 full contractor bags of trash at all 3 THs and on Wolf Creek Road •Built a drainage feature adjacent to Still Hollow Trail to drain water •Built two drainage features on the Cane Creek Trail •Added 6-8” rock base to a consistently muddy 70’ section of the Cane Creek Trail •Raised that same section of trail with 1” gravel •Replaced the North TH site identification sign •Moved a recently dropped hazard tree out of the Middle TH

Thank you to everyone who joined us today!

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