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PBTC Launches Trail Stewards Program

Poplar Bluff Trails Coalition (PBTC), a 501c3 nonprofit organization, recently launched a new effort to increase trail maintenance capacity for the group’s 75+ miles of adopted trails. The Trail Stewards Program assigns 1-2 volunteers to be the “eyes and ears” on the ground for trail maintenance needs for all of the trails that PBTC maintains.

At a minimum of once per quarter, each Trail Steward will hike, bike or ride horseback on their assigned trail to evaluate the need for future maintenance. A trail conditions report will be shared at PBTC’s monthly board meeting to help the group identify where current trail work is needed the most.

Trail Stewards will be looking for down trees, overgrown trail corridors, signage needs, drainage issues, soil erosion and other similar trail maintenance challenges.

The program will allow PBTC and it’s many public land manager partners to better prioritize where to allocate limited resources to maximize trail maintenance efforts.


2021-2022 Trail Stewards

172 Loop: Rob Nations

Eagle Bluff Trail: Brock Littles

Lake Wappapello State Park Trails: Kenny Rowland

Morris State Park Trail: Steve Halter

Oak Grove Trail: Clark Allen

Ozark Trail, Adopted Victory Section: Rob Nations

Ozark Trail, Adopted Wappapello Section: Brock Littles

Pinewoods Lake Trail: Kennedy Thayer

University Forest Trail System: Jon Breithaupt

Victory Horse Trail: Rob Nations

Wolf Creek Trail System: Bruce Haas

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